AC Power

CITEL DS AC power Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are designed to meet all your surge protection needs for any low voltage installation.

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    Type 1+2 and Type 1+2+3 surge protectors are heavy duty devices, designed to be installed at the origin of the AC installations equipped with LPS (Lightning Protection System). They are necessary to protect sensitive equipment connected to AC network against direct and indirect effects of lightning.

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  • Type 2 AC surge protector

    Type 2 surge protectors are designed to be installed at the service entrance of low voltage systems or close to sensitive equipment to protect against transient overvoltages.

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  • Type 2 (or 3) AC surge protector

    Arresters tested and found Type 3 are intended to be installed near sensitive equipment, in coordination with Type 2 arrester installation head.

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  • Type 1 and Type 2 DC surge protector
  • Type 2 DC surge protector

    CITEL developed a full range of surge protectors used to protect equipment connected to DC power (as well as alternatives) against surges due to lightning.

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  • Hard-wired AC surge protector

    CITEL offers a full line of surge protectors for single and three phase AC networks connected to sensitive equipment. These products, are available in various formats : hard wired units, combiner box..

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